Friday, March 25, 2011

Working On Our Knight Moves

The GF Stopped By Saturday While I Was Crashed 

Sleeping in the ordinary people's daytime, after 12 hours in the Salt Mines. I got up to say hello.

During the time when I was talking, I was apparently babbling something about even more chess games starting, and that I had won some, and also lost some. At that time I had got the 23 games down to only 19 more games to go in the Match with two Wins and two Losses.

My opponent had previously beat me 9 out of 10. But not anymore. Right now it seems to be running more like 50-50 and we are playing an odd number of games, so it cannot be tied. In the end, someone must win More than the other one. At least One More.

The Tournament Adds Nine More Games on Top of the 23 Games From the Match

Unfortunately I had forgotten that 25 days earlier I had signed up for a Tournament against other people around the world, and had notification that it would start on Monday.

That means nine more games, against nine other people, and of the ten of us in the Tournament--I am the lowest-rated player allowed in. 

Ain't It Funny How The Knight Moves

The Knights in Chess are the ones usually depicted as a Horse's head, or it could be the whole horse. They have a strange L-shaped move, The game looks complicated to those who don't understand it, and it probably is more complex than checkers or draughts, but there are only six different pieces, and five of them have straightforward enough moves. There are six-year-olds who can do it.

Here is some wisdom you can use in your own life:

If You Ever Want To Get Something Done--Give It To A Busy Person. They will just add it on to the stack of other things they are doing, and they'll have it all done before the lazy person even would get started. Try it and see for yourself.

Now yesterday, there's yet another guy who wants a match against me, this one is just one game so far, and I went ahead and started that one too. I protested a couple times that I was overwhelmed already, etc, but on third thought, okay, there's surely some reason why.

This one means 19 ongoing match versus the first guy, then the nine of the tournament versus the other nine, and then this one on one makes 11 opponents and would be Twenty-Nine games all at the same time, and every last one of them against higher-rated players and even almost Double the ratings for a few of them. They average 300 points better, but all the more glory if I can beat them.

One of the Tournament games against a guy 300 points better has ended in a win for me because the opponent ran out of time--he has three full days to move, but hadn't moved for four, so an automatic win. He is also in ten games in this Tournament, so the other guys are bit by bit winning, too, although he can still jump back on, and then the advantage goes to those like me who were quicker. Everyone's three days are not up yet.

 This opponent is an Asgari of Mohammad, or soldier of Mohammad. Askari is the same word carried over from the Arabic into Swahili. Maybe his connection went down, or he's too busy for all the games he is in. Whatever it was, it gives me a win in a tournament where I am occupying the bottom of the chart, so I lucked out on that one. Too bad the game was too short to count for points, because with his strength 300 more than mine, I would get about 100 points to beat him in a legitimate battle. As it was, no points.

 Het Laatste Nieuws
--the latest news

Since then one more match game against the first guy ended in a win for him, so now just against him the record is 3 wins for him, 2 wins for me. But--!

But there are two other games, game 3 and game 13, in which he will lose as soon as he moves, no matter what move he makes, and then when it's my turn, he will be Checkmated and lose. He knows that, and that that means I am for all intents and purposes, on top. By One More Win--for all intents and purposes that is.

Not quite in reality just yet--because first he has to move anything anywhere, before I can finish him off.

But the thing is, knowing that, and that he has three full days to make that fatal move in each of those two games, he said I will have to wait two days, 23 hours and 59 minutes before he makes those moves.

                                                        That's a moral victory in itself.

                              *                                       *                                   *

Blog News Announcement
In blog news, I will have to change some arrangements for the sponsors, due to some misguided legislating having been done by the legislature the 9,000 people in my state have all got fired, from our program. Immediately when the governor signed the papers, on the 59th of 60 days he had to think about it, all nine thousand of us got fired. Our governor is brilliant.

That means I have to either move to another more business-friendly state, or change the program, or both. The links are good from now until April 15, and then they have to be changed. On the bright side, most of the readers are not in the US anyway, and the new deal may take the international readership into better account, maybe, we shall see.
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  1. The best announcement...chess related...."cheque mate"....but in my case it would probably have the added condition that I have to sign the cheque
    my favourite peice, the knight...slightly unpredictable...and often overlooked by an opponent

  2. Oh I never even thought of that.

    Well I'll probably need to be aware of that as I go transcendently international, not to say globular.

    That Cheque-Check is no doubt carried over to the English English from the Norman French, but to me it looks Spanish at first glance, since mis collegas en las Minas de Sal, (commonly called La Chin Ga') always look for their cheques on Dia De Paga PAYDAY. Me too.

  3. Excellent post man! Was a really interesting read! thanks for sharing!

  4. Sorry to hear that man, good luck with your search. This was a very good read, following.

  5. that is too bad, great advice tho, regarding giving the job to a busy person.