Saturday, July 16, 2011

Underground Music Awards UMAs Song of the Year Vote

 LYRIC, Can't Back Down ft Anna

...and now for something completely different...

 You Can Help--BIG time

You can help this lady 'Lyric' win the 2011 Underground Music Award on August 21 by voting for her song for the Song of the Year. Her handle on youtube is LyricsJourney and on the song she is going by 'Lyric.'

Probably some shmoe already took her name before she got there, on the youtube site. That has happened to me too, look at what I ended up with.

The song is up against two other songs for Song of the Year at the 9th Annual UMAs in the Bronx on August 21.

What it needs is not just to listen to it and look at it but go to the site and vote, like yeah, this is the winner.

That way you are a winner too.

Vote Early and Often

I had pizza with her last night (from Sarpino's) about six hours ago, so I said I would try to help by enlisting some voters. You are already registered, you just need to know how to do it and remember to keep on doing it again.

In Chicago we are used to the concept that if you vote early and often, you can help your candidate win better. And it's legal. You can vote every day.

It doesn't matter if urban music is to your taste or not. You still get a vote, not only today right now but every day from now until August 11, then the winner comes out on August 21. And your votes count!

Here's What You Get:

That means you don't just get a vote, you get all the rest of July plus August up to the 11th, which is like --
26 votes per computer. 

Plus you get the quick gratification of seeing you, me and her which is  us WIN on August 21, which is not that far in the future to have a chance to forget.

In fact it would be BETTER if you don't like it generally because then you won't mind voting against those other two guys, the one attacking the pope among other things and the other one, I forget what he was supposed to be talking about.

You can vote even if you're in Siberia or Russia or Norway or Senegal or even somewhere where they don't even HAVE votes, because this is different. You can vote again every day, and the more you do, the more likely it is that you, me, and her all win this UMA together.

I know her from the Salt Mines where we work together. That was how that happened. We consult on blog work all the time. Besides music she can also be kind of computer geeky too, that's her other passion, that and writing poetry which she is then turning into music. With the computer stuff she might show me how to do simple stuff sometimes. Like how to vote for her for the UMA.


 So here's How To Do It

 You can go to the UMA site here, scroll down All The Way To The Bottom Of The Page until you find 'Click Here To Vote For The UMA Song Of The Year'  and there's a place where it says Vote. Then click to vote, a window opens and you pick Lyric, Can't Back Down.

Just ignore those two other choices, those are the Wrong Answer. Forget a and b.
You want answer c. Lyric, Can't Back Down

It's that simple. But if you try it again right away, it'll say sorry we already counted your vote--by your IP, (which means they just think you are that computer at that time).

It's OK to vote again tomorrow, and the next day, right on up to August 11.Winner announced on the 21st.

Lyric's Web Site

This link will take you to her website:

Since that site changes all the time I can't say if at any moment it has her poetry books on it or what, but right now there's a kind Anita Baker-sounding song on it when it first opens up. She keeps changing it because she is heavily into computers and likes to mess around with the code. It has been three or four different ways in the past year or so.

I can't do all that fancy CSS and what not, I can only guess at HTML if I think I see it. I do usually guess okay, though.

But this I figured out: You're looking at a trash can in an alley in the picture as it opens, so take your scrollbar and scroll over to the right to open up to the street in that alley, and then you see some ways to Enter the site.

Ninety-Nine Cent Downloads

Check with her there about trying to get downloads, it would be legal and good to do it right, and it would be illegal and bad to do it wrong.

BUT Where's The Song?

I said it doesn't matter, the main point was vote anyway.

But it's on youtube, or else you could probably dig around her site for the better versions. What's up on youtube right now is two songs, and two sets of audition vids. That's four vids, but it could grow, like I say she's changing stuff all the time, you never know.

The Can't Back Down ft Anna one that is up for the award shows a pic that looks like it could be an album cover, and then this other song has a fully developed video. The other one is called 'Death of a Poet,' and in fact I was thinking I liked that one better from last week, but the one that is up for the award is growing on me too since then.

I didn't understand it is about women being abused, that's the point behind the lyrics of this one. She usually has meaning in her lyrics, seeing as how she's a poet on that end first.

I voted for it anyway, like I say it doesn't matter if you like the other one better, because this is the one that's up for the song of the year.

Thanks, everybody, keep going! Let's win this.

*                         *                           *


  1. Will do since you asked nicely :)

  2. Excellent, also bookmark and keep going, you can vote every day. It's not cheating, it says right on there you can, and those other two jokers are trying to do that too. Thanks for the help! Even I forgot a couple times in the heat wave here.