Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Brisbane Flood Sweeps Away Eighty People in Australia

Flash Floods Added to Water Buildup

The water upstream has been building up for the past few weeks, and now a fresh storm has dumped another six inches of rain causing flash floods just as the whole deluge was coming down the river into Brisbane on the east coast of Australia, north of Sydney. The last report I read said 10 dead and 72 missing, after it was 78 missing in the report before that. That might mean a few were found, and let's hope found alive and rescued.

This water has wrenched up whole houses, swung them around, and swept them away with people screaming inside. If you weren't on the high ground, there wasn't anywhere to go to take shelter, and it came down fast. Let's hope the dam doesn't break under all the pressure.

If anyone is in a position to do anything about it, please do step in and help. I'm going to spread the word around the world a little bit, as there are many other distractions competing for our attention, I would ask that we take some notice of this going on over there.

This blog has got a relatively small number of readers but they are some of the highest quality people on the planet, every one of them in the top one percent, and there are some on all the continents north of Antarctica. There is a contingent in Australia and of them there is someone in Brisbane who is presently going through this flood situation. That is one of our fellow readers.

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Over here where I am, it's snowing and freezing cold. It looks like a few inches, and more coming. At least it is not flooding.
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Koeniglicher Prinz Reiter Regiment
Have a look at the 40mm figures in a fresh post on the Scheck Zinnsoldaten blog on the lower right in the blogroll, they have a fresh post about the Koeniglicher Prinz Reiter Regiment of the Saxons. That is one of the regiments who were involved at Kesselsdorf. They already had some Prinz August semi-flat castings and just added a couple figures from another line to complete the unit. Of course don't forget to come back here, whenever you do something like that. Koeniglicher Prinz means Royal Prince. Reiter designates heavy cavalry such as cuirassiers, or it could describe carabiniers or the like.
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