Sunday, January 23, 2011

NFC Championship Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears Right Now

I beg the indulgence of the international audience for the following post about the NFC National Football Conference Championship game being held right now in Chicago. The arch-enemy Green Bay Packers are here to play against the Chicago Bears to see who will be the NFC Champions, and then the winner goes on to the Superbowl XLI in a couple more weeks after recovering from their injuries.

I know there are barely half a dozen readers in the Midwest who even understand what we are going through, and most readers do not know about American football, but this is a big game here. The rivalry between these two teams is such that the Superbowl itself would be rendered anti-climactic after this game.

I do still follow VfB Stuttgart in the Bundesliga, without completely understanding the subtleties,  from when I was in the army there a long time ago. I cannot play soccer properly without penalties for violently grabbing the opposing player, out of frustration with their fancy footwork,due to my background with American sports.

The Monsters of the Midway
The Chicago Bears, commonly called the "Monsters of the Midway," were in the Superbowl four years ago, and lost. I had to work; even though it was my day off I was called in using the excuses of emergencies and disasters, and then the Bears lost anyway.

Because the two teams are in the same division, normally only one or the other ever go into postseason playoff play as the division champion against the other division champions, but now for the first time in seventy years,  because the Bears are the division champs but the Packers were able to get in as the wild card, here they are.

Seventy years ago, a few weeks after the 7 December 1941 attack by the Japanese on Pearl Harbor, that was the last time these two teams have ever played in the post-season phase, under their legendary and arch-rival leaders George Halas of the Chicago  Bears and Vince Lombardi of the Green Bay Packers.

"Winning isn't Everything; It's The Only Thing"
Lombardi is the infamous poster child for poor sportsmanship and winning at every price of decency and honor, as is well known by almost everyone.His most famous quote was "Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing." Obviously this philosophy is the opposite of good sportsmanship, chivalry and honor of every kind, and the spirit of it is all too pervasive in the world today, partly because the Packer fans still take a perverse pride in this anti-chivalric behaviour, while all right-thinking people of the world shudder in revulsion.

Much to his chagrin, he and the Pack lost the game back in the early days of the Second World War.

On that occasion, the Bears Fight Song was written, and here are links to hear it. It's a catchy and sprightly tune, 'Bear Down, Chicago Bears.'

Chicago People Sing Bear Down Chicago Bears 1:37

quick wiki explanation of song, lyrics, links

Bryan Griffin Lyric Opera version a capella 0:42 (better singer)

Packer quarter back Aaron Rodgers just got sacked (flattened) by Middle Linebacker Brian Urlacher, whose name means 'Original Source, Laugher.' So far in the first quarter, the Packers scored first, but we shall see what we shall see.

Smash-Mouth Football
We need the Bears to do some Smash Mouth Football!

I usually like cheese, but...
The Packer fans are known as "Cheese-Heads" or also "Cheddar-Heads," and their border is known as the Cheddar Curtain.They took to wearing hats shaped like a yellow wedge of cheese, with large holes in it, which are sold at most stores in Wisconsin. Everyone knows that cheddar is an orange cheese, and it is Swiss cheese that has holes in it, but that does not deter them from persisting with these hats and other tricks, equally misguided.

Dang, they just scored again. It isn't over yet, however. Just two touchdowns in the first quarter.Maybe if we do the song again, that might help. I really like the big band or jazzy instrumental versions best, espacially with the organ.

This has the Band but with SingersBand version with Singers, Good Poster Pic of Bear

Recorded By A Fan At A Game 0:42 With Beer

This one is the first time in all the years XLI of the Superbowl that the opening kickoff was returned for a touchdown by Bears #23 Devin Hester, known as Ridiculous Devin Hester. My girlffriend in Wausau, Wisconsin the heart of Green Bay territory has a Devin Hester jersey, but she said she doesn't dare wear it today. Hester now holds the all-time record for this move, known as a kickoff return touchdown.

#23 Ridiculous Devin Hester Kickoff Return TD at 2006 Superbowl

The Blissters sounds a little like the Beatles

Buildings, Monuments, and Chicago Symphony Orchestra

1985 Superbowl Shuffle with Sweetness #34 Walter Payton

That last one features solo part by the late, great #34 Walter Payton, the legendary running back of the Superbowl-winning 1985 Bears.

My neighbors just started shouting during a 3rd Quarter interception--that means the Green Bay quarterback just threw a pass for his side, but our man #54 Brian Urlacher, who once dated Paris Hilton before a game, just made up for that by intercepting the pass, meaning now the Bears get control of the ball.

Highlights of '85 Superbowl
Refrigerator William Perry scores at 3:03 among many unforgettable moments.

They're the Pride and Joy of Illinois

With 12:02 to play 3rd string QB Caleb Haney completes a td Pass TOUCHDOWN
Touchdown BEARS Regular QB Jay Cutler is sitting out with an injury. Now it is 14-7 Pack and it is time to Smack the Pack.
                            *         *        * 

Oh No Now a fat guy from the Packers intercepted and scored it's 21-7 Green Bay with 5:59 to go. ( B.J. Raji with a dance afterwards--find it yourself on you tube if you want to see it)

HANEY TO BENNETT TOUCHDOWN TOUCHDOWN BEARS!!!!!! Don't go anywhere, the extra point is good, 21-14 PLAY THE SONG AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!  4:43 left on the clock

The Bears in those minutes did some good offense with several first downs but with 37 seconds left the Packers' Sam Shields intercepted Caleb Hanie's 4th and 4 pass, and what this means is now they have the ball and can simply waste the remaining seconds of the game by taking a knee, so...good game and congratulations to the GBP. It's time to turn off the TV before throwing a brick through it.

*                               *                                     *
 Hope you enjoyed that!
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  1. I am crying into my morning tea, its hard work following the Bears.

  2. Well the Bears won the division, the NFC North, and the Packers are in that division but got this far by being a wild-card. Now the Packers are the NFC Champions over all the divisions, and go to play the Pittsburgh Steelers, AFC Champs, in the Super Bowl, since the Steelers just beat the NY Jets.

    Urlacher is cussing-ticked right now that some kommentarekrapposters are insinuating Cutler is weak, or a pretty boy, or a quitter for not playing the 2nd half after limping before halftime with a sprained knee.

    I counted at least five or six bleeps in the one sentence Urlacher quote just now.

    They did lose the game several years ago on a Sunday after Urlacher was with Paris Hilton over the weekend...he got his priorities right after that. Last year he was out the whole season with injuries.

    After the halftime break Cutler sat out. The 2nd string QB Collins tried a couple sets that didn't go well so the 3rd stringer Caleb Hanie who last played in week 5 got in and did indeed fire up the offense and did have a good chance to the last. When he did throw that touchdown pass at 12:02 that was an 81-second drive and in the last few minutes he was just about doing it again.

    But not surprisingly rusty as you'd expect him to be he threw 2 interceptions and the 2nd one killed it so there was no more chance.

    At 4th down and 4 yards to go for the first down teams normally punt, if there's time but there was no time for that, and they were easily capable of a 3 point field goal kick then, it was only 35 yards,but needed a 7 point TD to tie the game and force overtime.

    A run of 4 yards would have got the first down which lets them continue the offensive drive, IF you can get 4 yards against guys like that.

    If you still had Sweetness, for a running back, Walter Payton, he'd have scored not just got the 4 yards but the whole 35. But he's in heaven.

    Hanie had just had a 12-play drive and was on the Packer 35.

    So do you give it to the running back, or throw a pass which is riskier, for the chance of either not catching it 50-50 or getting picked, which is what actually did happen?

    Had a Bear caught that pass, he'd have 35 yards to run for the TD that would buy another quarter of time. Football often comes down to the last few minutes, and who has momentum from some good move that changes the morale.

    I see I was still spelling Hanie's name wrong at first. He has gained in respect for the effort, and he was pretty close to getting it done.

    The GF got that Hester jersey by my doing to let her Wisconsin people see it and she does wear it in front of them, just not today. She had to work overtime because so many cheddarheads called in pretending to be sick from work.

    Anyway the winning is the only thing discussion with Vince Lombardi does apply to our ideas about 18th century warfare, and even today.

  3. I'm a Denver fan, since the days of John Elway, I used to play the game here in England, not at a particular high level, but our team The Barracuda reached the final of the division two Championship in 1990, we lost to Barnsley Bears due to a fumble, gutted!!
    The Bears are my Dad's team, I was supporting them during the game but I'm afraid I fell asllep and missed the end!!

  4. I used to have to try to deliver pizzas to guys who would fall asleep to the game after ordering--good thing the Boss had their phone number when they wouldn't answer the door.