Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Love This Blog Award

Having been nominated for the I Love This Blog Award by his Grace the current  Duke of Chug-a-Lug also known as Ray at Don't Throw a One (see Blogroll), I am required to post ten things about myself in order to pass the Award on to another Blogger.

So, here are ten and there are plenty more where these came from:

1. I made a felony bust while on vacation and wearing shorts at Key West, Florida, but couldn't collect the $1,000 Bounty because the cop screwed up his paperwork. They still owe me for the risks.

2. On a typical day I use ungrammatical Spanish for joking primarily for one third of the day, communicate telepathically with animals another one third, and then switch to English for the remaining one third.

3. I set the record for largest perfume sale in the US for the venerable firm Revillon Paris, depuis 1723, by convincing Aretha Franklin to buy "ten," "large," including the type from the Roman Polanski film Rosemary's Baby, and very nearly became her furrier as well as parfumier but the manager screwed it up, even though he did not have to--had that part gone through I would have reached the front page of the PETA website as a top villain .I was actually just covering for my gorgeous co-worker who was goofing off at the key moment, as it was really her job to do all that.

4. I have only called in sick twice in the past thirteen years, and since 1996 have only had one vacation which was in 2004.

5. I grow wheatgrass at home as a nutritional solution.

6. I once transferred hurriedly into the only all-black battalion in the army, complete with a white colonel, just before the Pentagon could discover there was such a thing having banned them decades earlier.

7. I received a medal for outstanding combat instruction after having guided a number of female soldiers at the live hand grenade range (while all other instructors took cover 100 meters to the rear) and lived to tell the tale. I thought the others were somewhat supercilious, and these women only wanted to fully prove their warrior abilities.

8. I met Sean Penn when he dated that gorgeous co-worker, and thought he was a very regular guy outside the spotlight.

9. I had an OBE, after almost all those incidents.

10.During the year that the famous racing thoroughbred Black Tie Affair won the horse of the year award, I had to chase the horse down on foot no less than eleven times very late at night when he kept escaping from his stall to wander around the racetrack--it did not hurt his record at all.

The remaining condition for the award is to pass it on to another blogger, and although this is a difficult choice with many possible solutions, one blog I love that is truly deserving of the 'Blog of Note' award, but has not yet got it,  has amassed an astounding 900-plus followers in nine weeks and ought to be recognized for such an achievement, therefore I nominate I Didn't Know That (see blogroll) operated by the amazing erstwhile Quebecoise, Patti D.

                                    *                        *                              *


  1. Stunning revelations, expected nothing else, congratulations on the award, would have nominated you myself but Ray said he would do it.

  2. Yours is good too digger, and I considered it three of four times during thr rigorous selection process, but also thought the Blogger people themselves should have noticed the gigantic splash Patti D made. Last time I saw such a splash was thirstypixels, and she got her eye shot out.

    TAL, thanks and speaking of stunning I was still wondering how much they wanted for that stunning model on display at SALUTE, to, ah, analyze the paintjob.

    I feel I owe Ray a musketball now, for baksheesh, but maybe you could be good enough to deliver something comparable at close range!

  3. No problem, gaming with him on Saturday and will let him have it right between the eyes.

  4. Some great facts, You really are the James Bond of the blog world, my facts seem quite boring now!! Was hoping for a first name, I gather Mekelnberg, is your surname or am I totally off the race track, like you were , running after that horse!!
    Good choice on Patti D, but she doesn't like Dr Who????