Monday, April 11, 2011


Intensely Battling For Supremacy With The Enemy, We Can Forget They Are Decent People

Staring at the board, and noticing every little change on it and combination that could happen, if I do this, and then he does this, unless he might do that, etc...

I was especially battling hard against the top two tournament opponents out of ten, who I am calling the Dutch guy and the Scots guy, until  about 1:30 in the morning in their part of the world. These are the ones highest up in ratings and ability, and neither one has beat me yet, even though half the tournament is already over.

In fact I had a big advantage over both of them, although their technique could -  maybe - be good enough to get them back out of trouble. The Dutch guy did beat me despite a Rook disadvantage by using a trick a couple weeks ago, but the Scots guy has not been able to overcome a Knight disadvantage yet.

These two guys are rated 1800 and 1700. I am still a little under 1400, like 1393. But I think I will get above that.

There are still nine guys in the tournament on my section after the one dropped out; another one is taking a 'chess vacation' so proceeding very slowly. So far I have moved up to seventh place but not higher because I only have two games finished. One loss to the Dutch guy, and one draw with an American. His idea. I accepted that.

There's another American guy where when I was tired last week after being in the Salt Mines I moved my Queen by mistake right where he could get her for free, which is a terrible blunder, and would usually be enough to lose the game after that. Also, that is exactly what I was blogging about NOT doing, but the next day I saw I did it anyway, not seeing it because I was tired when I did  it.

But instead of losing, I have figured out a way to get his Queen and a Bishop too, the next move, and I think I will end up winning against that guy after all. That's what I meant about a stronger player having the technique to make a comeback against a weaker one, despite a big disadvantage.

It seems it largely comes down to mistakes at a certain level, but it still takes some skill to see and recognize the mistakes and to take advantage of them.

But Maybe The Enemy Are Decent People Sometimes, Away From The Board

So now after several moves against the Dutch guy tonight I was so engrossed in the battle I didn't notice until later he has invited me to another tournament which is more exclusive and I see it has him, the Scots guy, and one other with a similar rating.

 I don't know how many more games this will entail, I think only three more, but all against strong opposition. Playing the top competition is a strong challenge but it forces you to play better or die, so since we simplified so many games last week, I signed up. For More Games.

It will be rough but it does bring some adrenaline and excitement, and I see being invited to this one as a sign of RESPECT from the big boys at the top of the board, who are having a very hard time trying to beat me.

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  1. Blimey, I don't know how you know what day of the week is, I like the game and don't play enough but all that chess would drive me insane, but I think I'm there already??

  2. It is respect because they like playing against an opponent who gives them a game and makes them play better, against a player who doesn't give up when he loses his best playing piece and can come back fro that and yes Ray you are lazy insane.

  3. I think you might need to disconnect for a while?

  4. Great work! I love the blog style!

  5. Thanks for the comments everybody.

    @TAL, that's right and concise and directly to the point of the post.


    @Ray, It's very simple, you either use the old way or the new way, depending if you have a computer.

    With one of those, if it has Windows, go to the bottom right toolbar with your cursor, which looks like a little Arrow, and hover it over the part that says what time it is. Then a little box pops up that says what day and date it is. Like right now, mine says Tuesday, April 12, and if that doesn't work it's a bug and a reboot will fix it right back up usually.

    Or, just do a Blog Post and see what that says, although for you it will be hard to calculate from how far east of Greenwich you are at the time.

    Or if you don't have a computer, go and find either the Tribune or the Sun-Times or whatever they have in London, probably the Daily Mail or the Sun or something, and then try to figure out from if the crossword puzzle is missing, or there are moustaches on the pictures, or the horoscope or movie section is missing, whether that is today's or yesterday's edition. Then once you figure that out, check to see the day and date at the top of it. That's how I always did it.

    For the insane thing, don't worry about it, I have several times said I DID something insane without ever once admitting to BEING insane, in between doing such things. Then contemplate how does that make a difference.

    @Patti D, yes I probably should but then how would I know what day it is? Also I did get get disconnected right in the middle of all this by wrecking one computer's connection, and had to go to a different one and a new connection, which cost about three hundred bones, which takes at least four or so days and nights in the Salt Mines to earn back the hard way. It was lucky they were the 10.1 inch netbook types or it would take even longer to work it off.

    @Glovey, yes the blog layout is nice because it especially accentuates the coloration of the rosy complection on the Faustina Bordoni picture at December 30, 2010. She is wearing a baby blue dress, almost Azure in some highlights, and the rose colored bits by the cleavage match to the blues very nicely.

    I used to work at a French furrier's shop and was the parfumier to Aretha Franklin, among others, that's where I picked up that sense as to matching and complementing the colors. You can't see her shoes and handbag, but they also match, or 'go.'


    There will be some changes in the layout later this week in order to outflank the governor without changing states. There will be more variety, and it should be more Euro-friendly, in the next configuration.