Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Blog Launched Nearby

The Battle of Shiloh, by Thure de Thulstrup, from en.wikipedia (PD)

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This new blog is called Headquarters in the Saddle, a play on how General John Pope used to address his dispatches to Washington, DC when he commanded the Army of the Potomac in the summer of 1862. Tradition says Abraham Lincoln made the jibe that that was where his hindquarters ought to be, but it may be the Southern newspapers actually said that.

The blog is separate for American Civil War topics because of the Sesquicentennial which has just started in April and will continue for four years. Translated from the Latin, that means it was a hundred and fifty years ago this spring.

So far there is a one-minute video clip of a Confederate veterans' gathering, filmed in 1914, appropriate for the US holiday of Memorial Day, this weekend, and another one only 11 seconds long believed to be one of the earliest films --ever-- showing Robert E. Lee's army marching to Gettysburg.

You're all welcome to check it out. I'll be jumping back and forth quickly.


  1. Will drag myself over there sir post haste.

  2. Joining up after typing this comment!!

  3. I first had a look at it and I like the new blog! Congrats!


  4. @All:

    Thanks guys.

    I am starting to not remember what month it was when I walked around on that Shiloh field, but the vegetation was a lot thicker and greener in that area than the Icelandic artist has depicted it. Of course that would blot out most of the picture if he had it that way.

  5. Very cool, thanks for letting us know.