Monday, June 6, 2011

Too Hot

It's 91 degrees in the shade. The computi slows down, and eventually may not go at all. Took a while, but I got an article up on the Headquarters in the Saddle blog. (See blogroll).

As for this one I have plenty to say about various things, but it's too hot. They had to kick everybody off the beaches at Lake Michigan over Memorial Day weekend, and now this weekend they are having trouble with a 'flash-mob' style 'wilding' incident. There are twenty hooligans in custody as of today from the weekend attacks on pedestrians.

One Polish guy fought back, and says he will testify against them.

The gangbangers allegedly knocked him off his scooter and he allegedly started belting them back, then they tried to swarm away. First five, then seven, then twenty of allegedly them got rounded up over the course of Monday.

It gets too hot here, and then all the crazies come out.

At least my one article worked, after several attempts. It's working a little better now since the sun went down.

I have added on to the three collections of 1/72 plastic figures with another 300 this weekend, 100 more for the British redcoats and their Tory friends, who later became the Canadians, and 100 each blue and gray for the Civil War. This time I am going to paint these backwards, so the blue will be gray and gray will be blue, so there will be Confederates in the kepi/forage caps, and Union troops from the Midwest such as Illinois for instance wearing black hats that look like cowboy hats.

Might have to post at three in the morning from now until September. Or October, if last year is any guide to the heat patterns. Actually it is already a little better just from Sundown having happened.


  1. We've had some very nice weather recently here in sunny Kent, obviously nowhere near the 90's, we'd all melt and most probably go a little crazy too!!

  2. At the Salt Mines I am wearing a jacket and freezing, need a space heater. But the computi works great in the A/C, after midnight.

  3. Couldn't take that sort of heat, would really do me in.

  4. I could use some hot weather for a change, have fun with your figurines, and post a pic when you finish them.
    Also congrats on getting the right answer on my poll, one virtual cookie for you!

  5. Thanks Patti D. That'd be virtually good.

    As to pics, a week ago the Nemesis finally appeared on a Comment, I think he said 'LOL' or something.

    He came around here because he wanted to see a pic of my Chamomile Tea crops that I told him were ready for harvest.

    I said I don't have a camera.

    He pointed out that there's one in the netbook screen, like I took my profile pic with.

    I said, Duh...I never thought of that.

    But Chamomile plants aren't about the 18th Century, I was trying to just talk about the 18th Century...but they did have them back then and probably used them more than we do.

    So maybe there will be some pics soon, copyright to me, and the copyright extortionists have no say about that.

  6. This wilding business sounds alarming - I had to look it up, and am now alarmed. It's been a bit warmer than expected here on the farm, as well. Nothing as extreme as wilding, but there has been some unusual behaviour - yesterday I saw a horse lying down, for example. Usually they stand up, with their backsides pointing into the horizontal rain. If the wind changes direction, you can usually tell because the horses will be facing the other way.

    Don't fancy wilding, though.

  7. Two good things: Chicago coppers rounded up twenty of them in one day, and intend to get all of them.

    Two, this Polish guy--I won't give his name--says he will testify, and only that can put them away, otherwise they walk and continue laughing.

    They were laughing while they were trying to hurt him, because it's funny to see someone in fear for their life from twenty swarming attackers.

    There's no reward, there's no pay, for being a witness, since any pay would seem like a bribe, in fact you lose pay, and become a target.

    And both his name and face are plastered over the front page of the morning Chicago Sun-Times, next to his red and white scooter.

    Proof the alternative media here has better integrity than the mainstream ones.

    That's why I read The Scotsman, but then I check your blog to correct it.

  8. Good point of view, too hot.

  9. Now today people are complaining about the thunderstorms that just swept away the heatwave for a few days; yesterday was 98 degrees and made that 91 degree day look good. Now it's 66, just like at the Salt Mines for their computis.

  10. Thats brutal heat, I hate it when you wish for nice weather and god sends skin melting sorching sun